Meets & Events

Meets / Galas: We hope that everyone will enjoy learning to swim and improve their technique whilst at our Club. As children progress, some will be entered into Meets / Galas at the discretion of the coaches. Consideration is based on age, attendance and the ability to swim certain events at a particular standard.

The coaching team will initially contact you to confirm your availability for a Meet / Gala & it is essential that you respond promptly & in accordance with the deadline.  Closer to the event, the swimmer will receive their Meet / Gala Envelope which on the outside will outline the fees due & on the inside will contain the "order of events" with the events the swimmer is entered for highlighted.  It is essential that you give this order of events to your swimmer, so they know in advance and on the day of the Meet / Gala what events they are entered for.  The Meet / Gala fee envelope should also be returned to the club promptly.

When the Club enters Swim Ireland/Leinster region Mets / Galas, it is a requirement that each club provides officials i.e. parents of entrants to carry out duties. We have to provide 1 official for every 4 swimmers. The duties are Timekeeping, Turn Judges, Director of Timekeepers and Line Up Officials.

Please be aware that if your child enters a Gala you will be required to ensure that a parent or family member aged over 18 can take their turn on the Gala Roster for that day.